Gigatronik Technologies

GIGATRONIK Technologies

Embedded systems have become one of the most important crossover technologies of the 21st century: They turn machines into intelligent systems. They are engines of innovation. They can be the decisive USP for products and systems. 


We develop complex solutions that meet the embedded systems needs of our clients in leading sectors of industry.

In modern buildings, embedded systems can help reduce energy costs and increase the quality of life.
Satellite-aided software and multimedia systems in construction machinery promise a smooth building process.
Modern sensor technology and geo information allow targeted and more efficient cultivation.

Sharing technology and know-how for success

Every industry has its unique requirements, be it in terms of security standards, complexity, or production volumes. We design customized solutions with a commitment to quality.

In order to master the challenges that the future holds for many sectors of the economy and reinforce the innovative capabilities of industry, we rely on standards long established in the automotive industry, on the sharing of expertise across sectors and disciplines, and on working hand-in-hand with research institutions. This is a fertile breeding ground for reliable, future-proof systems.

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GIGATRONIK Technologies


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